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Learn Creative Photography With Angles and Frames

Having a distinct style from other photographers is becoming easier, especially nowadays, where everyone has easy access to high-quality cameras on their mobile devices. You can rise above everybody’s photography skills by learning these angles and frames when you take photos.

The advantage of creative composition is that it doesn’t require a particular camera to achieve good results. You can find more photography learning resources on this site. There are four camera angles. Most photographers shoot photos from an eye perspective. In this article, we will let you see other possibilities on your camera shots.

aerial photography


The Bird’s-eye-view photography is also called an overhead view. When you shoot a scenic view by looking down (like a bird) at the subject, then you are making an overhead view. Nowadays, drone shots are popular in this kind of photography. This can produce awesome photos and footage of landscapes from up above. They can reveal features and shapes that cannot be seen from the ground.

High Angle View couple photoshoot

This view is not the same with birds-eye-view as it is just an angle that places the subject. For instance, you can stand on the rock and take photos onto their subject below. A little bit of creativity is enough to make it look more.

Low Angle View

Seemingly, this method is the most under-used in photography. I guess people don’t want to risk taking the picture and bending over. Unfortunately, photographers who haven’t tried this lose an opportunity for an awesome angle shot. The main idea is to shoot upwards into the picture and below the eye level.

Close-Up View girl taking photo

Technically, close up is an angle. Close up photography is are snapshots taken from the subject’s eye level. This angle produces a personal and engaging result as you feel a connection to the object. This angle will bring the viewer into focus. Nothing disturbs the intimacy between viewer and subject.