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How to Create Good Childhood Memories

Do you remember your favorite childhood experience or moment? Maybe it’s a fuzzy memory, plus you can only remember fragments. Did you know that research shows on about the importance of happy memories for a person’s physical and mental wellbeing? As well as providing us with a great deal of nostalgia and moments to look back on, memories play an important role in people’s wellbeing. How can we help our children to have good memories to carry them into adulthood?

Create Family Habits


For me, the best memories of my childhood do not consist of expensive material things. All my sisters went and gave our children a tour of the house we grew up in. Seeing that dent twenty years later and sharing the stories with our children today is something I will always cherish. After all, it is almost always a final moment that keeps the memories alive.

My goal here is that you don’t have to spend a fantastic amount to create habits that stay with your child. Remember that they are too young to remember how complicated it all is. Instead, they are old enough to discover precisely what they are experiencing right now. Many simple things you do every day can become random memories that they will remember as adults. The affection and care you give them will make the memory precious.

But in addition to household routines, one memory that is sure to stand out and stick is something that happened surprisingly. Your children may remember a specific routine when they are young, but something that surprised them will be much easier to remember.

Create Surprises to Give Your Child

As I said, these surprises don’t have to be too extravagant or expensive. It can simply be a surprise where a special occasion is created to make it that much more unique. For example, it can be like putting a card in your child’s lunch box every birthday. It’s about something that is not predictable but something that stands out and surprises them. Of course, you can always come up with surprises to give your child. Maybe it’s a game or a pair of shoes that you pointed out at the mall earlier. The idea that mum and dad will remember what he wanted and come back to visit him in a few years will gladden his heart. For example, the news of the departure of a friend or relative can create a marker in your children’s childhood.

It wasn’t a good memory, and I even know I skipped dinner that night because all I did was cry. But even though it’s not a good memory, I remembered my parents helping me plan a funeral before flushing Sammy down the toilet. I understand that my parents must have thought it was ridiculous at the time. However, they didn’t invalidate my feelings. If they had chosen to handle it that way, like making fun of me for skipping dinner, the evening might have been awkward. I will never forget how my father comforted me after a gunshot on the floor broke my heart. I will always cherish the way my mother calls us even though she is in another country.

Be Present as Much You Can Do

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Our parents are in a bad mood, but the important thing is when they have heard and listened to brighten up those minutes. I know there are events where conflicts can arise, and they are inevitable. But be careful how you handle them. Heated and contentious moments are easy for even children to remember. But this could be the same evening when your child starts to shy away from going downstairs every night because he or she remembers negative emotions.

Children are like sponges, and even the energy you give them that day is something they can remember years later. Once your children reach adulthood, the best memory they can have is when they feel validated and noticed. These conversations where you encourage them and make them feel protected will shape a childhood worth living.